Posted by David in Work on November 29, 2011

To coincide with this year's BarCamp Hong Kong, we launched a new site called the, a little experiment which attempts to re-create the simplicity, aesthetics and "organized chaos" of the original wall that was first thrown up at BarCamp Hong Kong 2010 by our friend Simon at

The original BarCamp Wall (seen above) was intended to be a quick and easy way for BarCampers to connect with other attendees, whether it was finding like-minded partners, investors or job opportunies. It was so successful that we decided to do the same thing at 2011's BarCamp (seen below).

We've always found hiring good people and finding good partners difficult, especially in a place like Hong Kong where the digital community is relatively small. Local job sites charge an arm and a leg for their inflexible ad plans, and seem to attract mostly job spammers and poor quality candidates.

We liked that the BarCamp Hong Kong Wall was intended only for a very specific group of people. We also liked the open format which allowed people to get creative with very primitive and limited tools (markers, paper, tape and a large flat surface).

Most of all we liked the openness and enthusiasm shown by the people that posted on the wall. With these core values in mind, we spent a couple weeks building

Check it out and tell us what you think! Do us a favour and help us spread the word about this site to other startups, digital agencies and tech companies.

Posted by David in Work on September 20, 2011

Hey we just won a couple of awards! Sweet. The Web Marketing Association is an organization set up in 1997 by professionals from this industry in an effort to better the quality of internet marketing, online advertising and website promotion. They set up the WebAward Competition, which is now in its 15th year. The winners were just announced, and a couple of our sites (The Creative Rankings and Edifier International) picked up "Advertising Standard of Excellence" and "Outstanding Website" distinctions, respectively. Thanks guys! 

Posted by Elmer in Work on January 13, 2010

While the saying, imitation is a sincere form of flattery has a point, we certainly don't feel flattered by someone who copies our work and post it as theirs. While working remotely, we were flabbergasted to discover our email marketing product BeansMail has been copied in its entirety by an EDM wannabe, (no link love for you).


The real Beansmail website.

BeansMail wannabe's website.

Posted by Elmer in Work on October 27, 2009

We're happy to find out that Finger, the iPhone app we created together with Headnix got mentioned at Web Designer Wall, a popular web design blog managed and maintained by Nick La. 

The site was mentioned in the article Apple App Site Design Trends, along with other beautifully made iPhone application websites. The article highlights that as each Apple application competes with thousands of others, having a good app icon is simply not enough. A great looking website is a recipe for bringing in more visitors and helps the application stand out of the rest.

Finger is an Apple application that allows you to turn your iPhone into a writing tablet, enabling you to "write" Chinese characters directly. BeansBox built Finger application's website, app interface, icon as well as all marketing materials. Check out the feature story at Web Designer Wall to see Finger along with other great looking Apple iPhone application websites.

Posted by Elmer in Work on October 20, 2009

TED is a gathering of world's prominent thinkers and doers and share what they are passionate about. TED stands for Technology, Entertainment and Design, and that illustrates the broad topics speakers of this gathering talk about. Among its past speakers are Tim Berners-Lee, Malcolm Gladwell, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, and Al Gore, although Arthur Benjamin is one of my favorites.

Posted by Elmer in Work on September 18, 2009

BeansBox has a longstanding relationship with Landscope, a luxury property agent here in Hong Kong. Since 2006, we helped them design their website look and feel, built the backend system and online marketing. We didn't just build their site, we also did enhance it for user experience and ability to deliver information better. In fact, we relaunched it just a month ago.

Posted by Elmer in Work on April 01, 2009

BeansBox organized a free SEO workshop seminar last night held at the Hong Kong University Alumni Association in Central. There were about 40 people who turned up out of the 64 who committed on our Facebook event. Still, such number of attendees easily filled up the venue, which was ideal for about 25-30 guests.

I met old colleagues who used to work for Ion Global, others whom I met at Barcamp in 2007. Still others are new faces, which is always a good idea to expand your circle of friends.

My topic was entitled "Developers and Designers: Make Your Website Visible In Search Engines". You notice there is no mention of SEO at the first slide. That’s because the purpose of the seminar is to share ideas on how to make websites become visible on search engines. I understand that the audience is composed of developers, designers and others who may not have a deeper understanding of what is SEO or how search engines work.

Posted by Belle in Work on February 10, 2009

We are very excited to see that our design revamp for eXpresso just launched together with their major Winter '09 release last night! California-based tech company eXpresso is a hosted workspace for Microsoft® Office communities.

Their leading Excel collaboration tool is currently the ONLY solution available worldwide that can enable multiple people to edit shared Microsoft® Office documents online in real time.

Tired of duplicate files, version tracking and emailing Excel spreadsheets back and forth? eXpresso could be the pain killer you have been looking for.

Posted by Belle in Work on January 10, 2009
Happy New Year! It's been a week or so since we returned from the New Year Holidays, and we've kept ourselves quite busy so far. We're working on a few sites and the biggest one is going to test stage by end of this month.

Meanwhile, we have completed the Shun Tak Group Intranet and eXpresso Corp re-design project just before the break. More good news?

- Launch of our iPhone-optimised website
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