Our new experiment: wall.barcamp.hk
Posted by David in Work on November 29, 2011

To coincide with this year's BarCamp Hong Kong, we launched a new site called the wall.barcamp.hk, a little experiment which attempts to re-create the simplicity, aesthetics and "organized chaos" of the original wall that was first thrown up at BarCamp Hong Kong 2010 by our friend Simon at Frenzoo.com.

The original BarCamp Wall (seen above) was intended to be a quick and easy way for BarCampers to connect with other attendees, whether it was finding like-minded partners, investors or job opportunies. It was so successful that we decided to do the same thing at 2011's BarCamp (seen below).

We've always found hiring good people and finding good partners difficult, especially in a place like Hong Kong where the digital community is relatively small. Local job sites charge an arm and a leg for their inflexible ad plans, and seem to attract mostly job spammers and poor quality candidates.

We liked that the BarCamp Hong Kong Wall was intended only for a very specific group of people. We also liked the open format which allowed people to get creative with very primitive and limited tools (markers, paper, tape and a large flat surface).

Most of all we liked the openness and enthusiasm shown by the people that posted on the wall. With these core values in mind, we spent a couple weeks building wall.barcamp.hk.

Check it out and tell us what you think! Do us a favour and help us spread the word about this site to other startups, digital agencies and tech companies.


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