Link Building Using Bulletin Board Systems
Posted by Elmer in Geek on November 16, 2010

One of the benefits of dealing with Yahoo! Answers is to virtually ask questions for everyone to answer. We get to reward someone who proposes the best answers through awarding a certain number of points which in turn translate to certain incentives.


On the other hand, if we were to answer questions we receive such incentives. As we reach certain number of points we achieve privileges such as placement of links to websites we wish to promote. Such is one key to link building using Yahoo Answers and other similar websites. The good thing about it is that by answering these questions, we get to help those looking for answers, we also get to put our links along with these answers. And because our links are relevant to the answers we provide, they are much more legitimate than links dropped on comments and are more likely to be clicked.

It’s not only Yahoo! Answers that offer this type of service. has reverted back to its question and answer platform, and there’s, Formspring, ChaCha, Blurtit and upstart Quora. Oh, and wait, Google’s Baraza is also in the bandwagon.

The idea is to identify what kind of website we’d like to get some links. Then, identify what type of questions need this type of website. For example, if my website is a blog about race car replicas, I would search for questions that contain replicas or race cars. Looking at another angle, I can search for questions looking for gift suggestions or collectors items. One can be creative, but it’s important not to be deceptive in providing answers. While answers chosen gets more prominence, those deemed as spammy could end up removed or demoted so hours invested in putting up those answers are wasted.



I found this article to be a

I found this article to be a very interesting find! Thank you for sharing with us!

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