Kinect Hacking
Posted by David in Randoms on December 10, 2010

Microsoft's new gaming tech Kinect has been out since November, and so far its a big seller worldwide, with 2.5 million units shipped during its first month.

For those unaware of what it is, Microsoft Kinect allows you to play games on your Xbox 360 without a gamepad. By gesturing and moving your body in front of its projected infrared light and camera, it measures and captures your movements in 3D space. Amazing!

What's been most interesting to us is what geeks have been doing with OpenKinect. Some people  went out and wrote an open source driver that lets you hook up your computer to the Kinect and capture data from it. Already this has led to some jaw-dropping experimentation that with blow your mind. It's a world of possibilities beyond gaming with this device.

The videos posted by Oliver Kreylos, a UC Davis VR researcher demonstrate what tapping into Kinect can do:

Controlling Super Mario with Kinect:

This one shows Kinect hooked up to a MIDI controller. Imagine the music performance potential of this!

Some trippy looking shit done by flight404:

Hand detection....Minority Report style

And this is just the beginning!

MS is one-upping Apple in this case with allowing programmers like these to mess around with its tech. And more importantly, they are being forward thinking with a forward thinking piece of technology, which seems like a smart move.

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