Google Analytics Basics: Filter Your IP Address
Posted by Elmer in Randoms on July 13, 2009

Assuming that we already have Google Analytics accounts, and are constantly curious to find out how our website visitors are behaving, one thing we might find out is that the visitors we are trying to track are ourselves! This would be the case if we often visit our own site for one reason or another (preview pages via various browsers, or setting our default browser to our site.

Of course we know why we visit our own site. Therefore, we don't want our footprints be tracked and prefer Google Analytics to ignore them instead. We need to find out our IP address and tell Google Analytics to ignore any instance when a visitor from this IP address makes a visit.


There are many tools that help us identify our IP address. a) What is my IP Address? b) What Is My IP c) IP Address Each should give us an IP address we can tell Google Analytics to ignore.

Once we have our IP address handy, login as administrator onto our Google Analytics account (we can't add any filter if our access right is just for "User"). Find the section called "Filters Applied to Profile" and click on "Add Filter" (see red box on accompanying image). Enter a descriptive name on Filter Name. Good naming convention to use is the designation who is being served by the IP address. If is for the whole design team you may want to enter "Design IP address" on the Filter Name. Next step is to select the appropriate filter type. In this case we select "Exclude Traffic from an IP Address". For any IP address, such as the one described above, apply regular expressions. For, enter the IP address 192\.168\.1\.15.  

It is also possible to exclude a range of IP addresses in a filter to save time and effort. For example, if the range through needs to be filtered, use ^192\.168\.1\.([1-9]|1[0-5])$ in the IP address field. Click "Save Changes" to confirm these settings. So the next time we check out our Google Analytics account, we're assured that the data does not include traffic coming from our very own visits.


I have searched the internet

I have searched the internet for a while none of the others make any sence. But this one helped me out with Analytics for my blog :) cheers

Thanks this has been very

Thanks this has been very helpful.

Good post, Thanks Elmer for

Good post, Thanks Elmer for providing such a informative post, this post make me to know more about Google Analytic. I hope for every new baby like me this post spoon feed and make a expert in Google Analytic. Please let me know about more post on Google Analytics

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