Ghostbusting in Sheung Wan
Posted by David in Randoms on August 16, 2011

Down the block from our office on Tung St. and Hollywood Rd., a 10ft x 10ft stage built with bamboo scaffolding suddenly appeared mid last week. And on Saturday night it came alive, and became the stage and sacrificial altar for a big ceremony that went down.

It marked the end of the Hungry Ghost Festival -- the seventh month of the lunar year -- where the dead are given month-long passes to wander amongst the living. Living in Hong Kong, you'll definitely know when it's the Hungry Ghost month, because you'll start seeing lots of people burning huge piles of joss paper and setting fire to rows of big red candles right on the curb of the street every day, as an offering to their ancestors.

The ritual done by the monks above is to calm and appease the restless ghosts that have no descendants to burn stuff for them, hence their "hungry" nature.


Performances are held and people from the Ghost Festival Committee organize Chinese opera singers to come and sing. This makeshift stage is in front of a place that sells antique doorknobs.



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