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Posted by Elmer in Randoms on August 31, 2009

We have launched recently launched BeansMail, an easy to manage email marketing platform that allows marketers to seamlessly launch EDM campaigns with relative ease. One more thing about this product is that you are free to sign up and try all features for yourself. Email marketing continues to be an important online marketing channel, that when utilized properly, yields better return on investment than most other initiatives. That is why setting up BeansMail is an important step for BeansBox to help clients make the most of their online presence.

Email marketing has been here for a while so we try to keep abreast with the latest developments through this blog. In this session I would like to share some points.

Email Client Popularity
Campaign Monitor has a report on the market share of email client popularity. The chart shows that while Outlook and its variants corner a third of total email clients used, web-based platforms (Yahoo! and Hotmail) continue to be popular. Therefore we need to ensure that our EDM copies are compatible to these providers. Good thing BeansMail offers an optional feature that instantly checks EDM copies as they appear on multiple email clients.

Gmail Users More Engaged?
MailChimp's blog reveals that email subscribers using Gmail platform are more engaging compared to Yahoo!, Hotmail and AOL. This means that Gmail users are more likely to open emails, and are more likely to click on links compared to its counterparts. Sounds good news to mailing lists with high percentage of Gmail users? The findings think so. But be aware that this (Gmail) platform is not only used by Gmail. It is possible for corporate email systems to use this one. The question is whether the findings only consider @gmail accounts in the study.

Blacklists and Spam Reporting Aren't Necessarily Enemies
Contrary to conventional wisdom that blacklists and spam reporting functions are the bad guys of email marketing process. And why not? They provide outlet for disgruntled email recipients to get rid of your EDM and leave a black eye to your reputation. According to CakeMail blog, it's not always the case. For a minute, let's look at the positive roles of these features. For one, they help relay the message from recipients to you that there is something wrong going on. Were your method of building mailing list too loosely done? Did your EDM copy provide a working unsubscribe link? Maybe these are reasons why your recipients used such tools to get rid of you. Facing the issue instead of evading should always be the way to go.

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