BeansTag - Our multi-lingual SEO tool for Drupal 7
Posted by in Drupal on July 22, 2011

BeansTag is a page title, meta tag and meta description management tool we created for multi-lingual Drupal websites. It makes use of the path alias as an identifier for the SEO attributes, you could add them to any path alias and they would be shown in the web page. It fully supports any content type including views, panel pages as well as nodes.

We have been using the Nodewords module in Drupal 6 for a while. It is the most popular SEO tool in the Drupal community and supports for custom page title, meta tags and meta description management. However, since Nodewords does not take the language prefix into account, we are not able to use it for multi-lingual Drupal sites (which we build a lot in Hong Kong) as the translated nodes or pages always share the same path alias. 

So we created BeansTag with the goal to overcome the internationalization issue in Nodewords with a simpler user interface. Installing BeansTag is easy and straight forward. Follow these steps:


1. Get the latest BeansTag sourcecode

2. Download and enable the BeansTag module. You will then find the Update BeansTag button in the Admin menu.

3. Browse to the page which you want to use BeansTag with and click the Update BeanTag button. If the BeansTag for that path alias already exists, the current values of BeansTag will be loaded and you can update it with the edit form. If no BeansTag is found, the current path alias is loaded and you can create a new BeansTag immediately.

4. You could manage all the BeansTag in Structure -> Manage BeansTag.

Let us know what you think of BeansTag in the comments.

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