Posted by Elmer in Digital on April 22, 2009

Google has just announced that Google Analytics API is now available to all of its users. The impact could be huge as the possibilities of integrating Google Analytics data is limited to the minds of creative and innovative minds. Until this announcement, we need to login to Google Analytics interface to see how many website visitors did drop by our site, how long did they stay, which pages did they go to, and so on.

This announcement is expected to benefit both developers and end users:

Posted by Elmer in Digital on April 03, 2009

We build websites for a certain or a set of objectives. And by doing so we want to find out if we achieve these objectives. There are many objectives we can think of:

  • We want more people to know about our brand
  • We want to attract more targeted visitors from search engines
  • We want to find out what are the most popular website content visitors go to
  • We want to sell more products or generate more leads

Posted by Elmer in Digital on April 01, 2009

Are you a webmaster who is looking to boost your website traffic but think you don’t have a budget to make it happen? Don’t feel to bad about it, as the web has plenty of free tools that offer capabilities to help you achieve your website goals.

Here are some of those tools that we think are most helpful. It’s not unusual that most tools listed here have something to with performing search engine optimization.

Google Webmasters

Google Webmasters tool offers essential features that help webmasters diagnose and troubleshoot particular problem areas, identify link popularity and even remove pages and reinstate pages banned/blocked by Google.

Yahoo! Site Explorer
Yahoo! Site Explorer helps webmaster identify which pages are indexed by Yahoo! and which pages get most links.

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