8 Tips on How To Attract Facebook Fans
Posted by Elmer in Randoms on September 30, 2009

I guess you have a Facebook account, right? Your personal Facebook account basically lists down your shared web pages, photos or games. You connect with friends and share stuff. But if you want to promote something, your personal account is a bad place to do so. You look like doing a hardsell because your friends normally think you'd like to share more about you rather than something else -- unless you are promoting yourself. Promote your business or products to millions of potential customers, partners or indirect sales people through Facebook Pages.

What's the advantage of Facebook Pages over your account?

Apart from not looking cheesy, your personal account has limited number of friends and contacts you can connect to. Compared to the 5,000 contact limit for personal account, a fan page does not impose limits, so your product or service is exposed to potentially millions of Facebook users who may end up as fans of your page. Without sounding cheesy on your personal Facebook feeds. Also, fan pages can be seen publicly while someone's personal account profiles can only be accessed if you are in contact with that someone. Facebook fan pages allow you to post business details, phone numbers, events, office hours and so on that you can't do on a personal profile page. If you're convinced already but haven't started your own Facebook page yet, this guide should help you create one. Its pretty straightforward and easy to implement. Assuming you already made a page but still lacks the desired number of fans to support it, we'll try to answer the question above: How to attract Facebook fans? Here are some ideas.

1 Populate Discussion Thread

Your Facebook page has a Discussion section where you can start a topic and trigger a conversation with fellow fans. Remember there is a reason why people sign up as fans: they ought to get something valuable out of your page. Just make the topics relevant to the page itself. If I have a Facebook page about SEO Hong Kong so I am expected to post discussion topics related to search engine marketing. How do you do keyword research or what's the difference between PPC and SEM? But it's not a strict enforcement so don't worry if topic sway a little bit.

2  Promote Using Twitter

Twitter's appeal has been outstanding so far so if you maintain an account and have many followers, you can leverage that advantage to promote your page, not the page itself but its content. So if you just finished an interesting update on your page, you can spread the news through Twitter with a link to that update.

3 Get Alternative Pages

An alternative traffic source like a custom web page on your website inviting visitors "if you like this content, you may want to visit my Facebook page and be a fan". The more channels visitors can reach your page, the more exposed it becomes and more likely people will find it and hopefully join as fans.

4 Embed Invitation To Web Pages

Facebook provides code you can embed on your page or blog entries that say "Be A Fan". It's easy to implement and doesn't require a lot of web page property to accomplish it. It increases exposure to your Facebook fan page. Hopefully the page that hosts the "Be A Fan" page is also attracts high traffic.

5 Update Page with Unique Content

Of course you have to cultivate the page and update it with unique content that fans (or strangers) easily find elsewhere. This makes your Facebook page a high-value one. Naturally, fans who find it useful will share the resource to others, effectively creating a viral effect for your page.

6 Hold Contests and Promotions

It will be good to have some form of incentives that encourage fans to participate, make the page interactive and in turn encourage more fans to join. Bing's Photo Contest invites folks to submit great photos and invites more to become fans.

7 Interact with Fans

The advantage of social media over traditional channels of conveying message is that brands have become more engaging with customers. Customers feel more confident that concerns -- whether comments or complaints -- are dealt with better if they participate in their official Facebook pages. This is also what you should do: listen to what your fans have to say. And act on them accordingly. Others will find out this  and join the club.

8 Get Facebook Ads

For faster results, consider getting Facebook ads. It allows flexibility for you to display the ad so it's visible to your target audience. Relying on a significant number of loyal fans is good but exposing your page to an even wider audience will definitely be good not just in attracting more fans but at least create brand awareness.

Hopefully these guidelines are helpful and enough to get you going to create (if not yet done) and promote  your Facebook page to add more fans.



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