24 Facebook Etiquettes and Guidelines
Posted by Elmer in Randoms on October 06, 2009
Facebook has been in the mainstream of social media for a while, but many of us have yet to learn the proper etiquette and adhere to real-life’s rules of common courtesy.  

So here's a collection of how we can better handle ourselves while we are socializing online through Facebook:

These are simple reminders that can easily get ignored. The convenience of Facebook (at work, mobile phones and all) makes it easy for us to speak what is in our mind. Somehow we need to think first if someone or everyone needs to know. 
1. Don't post status updates that are way too personal; many of your contacts may not be interested and it is easy to use them to measure your personality. "Darlene is too lazy to go to work", "Henry is obsessed with girls at the beach", "Marvin is bored in the office”. Your boss or future employer might read them.
2. Over sharing can be a problem. Even if Facebook encourages you to do so, you don't have to let everybody know your every meal at home, every TV show you watched or every feeling you have at the end of the day. It could lead to unfortunate outcomes.
3. Don't force people to know you more; don't get hooked to these polls or lists. Many people easily get addicted to these polls that they post more than 10 a day, effectively owning the whole wall. "What type of lover are you?", "What are your top 5 favorite colors". Yeah, there are lots of Facebook apps that are meant for toddlers. Persistence of using them will prompt some contacts to hide your feed stream or worse, remove you from their contact list.

4. Don't easily get duped by certain Facebook applications asking you to spread the word to six or 12 friends before the apps actually work. Don't easily buy the idea you can check who viewed your profile or that you can change your entire profile background.Don't be shameless enough to invite friends to play your favorite fantasy game in order to get promoted, or to get more "workers" to harvest your crops.It's better to phone a friend than to broadcast to the public about a failed relationship, a botched business deal or a feud in the family.

5. Choose the profile photo that represents you; obviously I am referring to your personal photo. Your pet does not represent you. Neither does your favorite rock star or Halloween costume.

6. Don't disclose too much information. By filling out your personal details, assume that it's visible to the public even if Facebook provides certain amount of filter screen before non-logged viewers. If you are not comfortable disclosing your phone number to everyone, it's better to keep it to yourself.

7. Protect your family members. If you don't want people snooping around photos of your children or younger siblings, don't include their names in your profile or share your photos with them.

8. Know the difference between the Facebook Wall post and a message. Discern who needs to read “I looove youuuuu sooo muuuuuuch baaaaby” post.Just because you can send message to lots of recipients in Facebook doesn't mean you can spam them with messages that they'll have little or no interest at all.

9. It's better to keep quiet instead of posting a lot of nonsense, mundane or outright irritating updates.

10. Be polite at all times and reserve nasty jokes or sarcastic humor to contacts who can easily understand them.

11. Stop taking these quizzes. Or if you get hooked, you don’t have to share the results; very few will be interested unless you are a pop star.

12. Don't connect with people you don't know. Facebook is not the proper venue to meet new friends; unless you are introduced by a common friend, reserve that in offline gatherings.

13. It is good to remind someone why you are connecting to him/her. "We used to be feature correspondents for a school paper", "Hi, we used to attend Calculus classes together a few years ago".

14. Be considerate; don't invite contacts to an event if their location makes it highly improbable for them to attend.

15. There's no need to invite friends to play a game or join a quiz unless you are sure they'll enjoy it. You can always use the skip button to do so and to take a pass from posting the results on your wall. Friends may not be as enthusiastic as you.Just because you saw your friends are online doesn't mean they are ready for a chat. They may not be able to stay with the conversation for long especially during office hours.

16. Stop using "pokes". We're all grown-ups, aren't we?

17. Resist the urge to post the most embarrassing and unflattering photos of you and everyone else.

18. Don't tag contacts on photos and videos if they are not found there, even if they can easily remove the tags themselves.

19. You're not obliged to accept all friend or application requests.

20. Be careful of what you say (or write); be more careful of what you write. It could insult a lot of people who in turn will get back at you. Take the lesson from a Filipina in Dubai who allegedly shared her apparent joy when flash floods hit Manila; she received a lot of flak for that. This is not how you want to be popular.


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